Indoor Arena:

riding space - 82' x 182'

easily accessible with excellent footing

60' diameter round pen can be setup (6' rails)

public restrooms

Indoor Holding Space:

20' x 150'

capacity for 80 horses and riders

Spectator Viewing Gallery:

1000 sq. ft.

capacity for 100 people

can be arranged for standing room only, row seating, table seating or combination seating


Outdoor Arena:

Riding Space - 82' x 182'

60' diameter round pen



eight holding pens

each pen is 16' x 35'

capacity for 30 head each

cattle unloading ramp


Picnic/Outdoor gathering area:


picnic table seating


large parking area immediately adjacent to both arenas

capacity for ~80 trailers


fully operational kitchen

additional seating for 24 people

available for catering use, etc.

concession is open at all major events


Office Space:

large office space available for event coordinators

immediately adjacent to arena and kitchen

2 desks available

Additional Event Equipment:

Full indoor/outdoor sound system - wireless, headset or hand-held, 5 disc CD changer

Event timer board - accurate to 1/100ths of a second

Judges' platform (raised) - capacity for 4 people

Cow pen for cattle penning events

Gymkhana equipment



Raecer Ranching Riding Arena